The story unfolds with surprises and laughter, guiding us on this dreamlike, improbable, wonderful Journey.

A performance by Miriam Calautti and Pietro Rasoti
Directed by Italo Pecoretti
With original music by Tiziano Fantappiè
Costumes by Miriam Calautti and Pietro Rasoti
Produced and distributed by
Terzostudio Progetti per lo Spettacolo

The free and visionary journey that an old aviator embarks upon along the thread of memories.

An adventure experienced in youth, or perhaps in the fairy-tale dimension of daydreaming. The hot air balloon inflates: All Aboard, We’re Off!
Like in a magic lantern, thanks to the evocative power of music and images, we enter a world of extraordinary creatures and improbable encounters.

A flight balancing between
the real and the imaginary

The dance of a purple and silver octopus, the colorful wings of a vivid bird, the amusing balancing acts of a circus monkey, and then the elephant, the dinosaur, the unicorn…

Characters sometimes serious, sometimes comical, who, with the use of stilts, become of extraordinary size and great visual impact.


In 2016 the Circo Improvviso Company worked on a theater version of the Pindarico show. The stage lighting was specifically designed by Marco Santambrogio to increase the show’s figurative power.